Things not to ask a wedding photographer

Wedding photographers are the organizers of your special day. They are with you in nearly every moment of the wedding day. Do you have noticed the difference why current weddings are more sophisticated and beautiful?

In the past, people used to neglect photographers’ ideas. They always implemented their choice without noticing what will suit them. Wedding photographers were considered a secondary object while planning for the wedding. But now, visiting a wedding photographer first and then preparing for other wedding requirements has become a trend.  Your wedding photographer is the only person who can advise you better to make your special day different from others.

Things to avoid while planning for the wedding day

Wedding day is approaching, and you have not discussed with the photographer the dates of his availability? It is a big mistake! We all think that wedding photographers working hours are flexible. We want to assure you that wedding photographers are the busiest person in this world. He must set a camera, think about your wedding style, plan for guests poses. As he is the critical link in the chain of wedding events. So, stop being disturbing to him. Otherwise, he will miss your special moments, and that would be bad for you. Try to discuss all the things with him at least a month before the wedding. Below is the list of things not to ask a wedding photographer:

Do express yourself!

It is your special day, do not make it a regret day for the whole life. Try to be specific with the photographer. Just ask him nicely if you are not getting the thing to fix in your mind. If you will show with your body language that you are uncertain about what is happening. That would be the loss of your precious photos. Do not ask him to click correctly without explaining rightly. Just say “I trust you” if you are uncertain and let him do his work.


People nowadays love to photoshop their photos. We would recommend not to ask your wedding photographer to do this. He will be already clicking photos with perfection. Using photoshop for enhancing a picture is sometimes required. But to ask him for changing composition is not a good idea. The things which you want to get photoshopped do them in other ways. Like if you’re going to remove exit signs, weird wine glasses remove them physically. Do not ask a professional photographer to waste time and cost in these matters.

Asking for discounts

No photographer in the world would want to click photos not good or look incomplete. Photographers work with dedication and desire perfection in their clicked photos. Stop asking for discounts by offering picture edit by yourself. Unfinished images will take the pride of your photographer. He will then lose interest in clicking your perfect images.

Asking for reject photos

Photographers do not want to show that stuff to clients, which is of no use to them. Such as the rejected photos. Can I have the reject photos? It also bothers your photographer. No photographer like to share those photos which depict his mistakes or unprofessionalism.

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