Ideas for memorable wedding photography

Wedding day is the most awaited day for those who marry their loved one. It is the day of promises to be with each other forever. From engagement day to walking down the aisle to the reception, there is the number of events contributing to make this day special. One of the unforgettable moments of the wedding is the photography. so, you must seek for the ideas for memorable wedding photography.

The thing about which bride and groom are nervous the most are wedding poses. How are we going to look? How can we make our wedding day memorable? Which poses will suit us the more? We would suggest you leave all this on your wedding photographer. Just trust your wedding photographer and keep smiling. That would be enough ?

Rule to follow for best wedding photos

By following the rules mentioned below will make you look elegant and center of attraction in the whole event:

  • Always smile
  • Make sure to talk to all the guest with a smile. It will provide the photographer with many opportunities to click candid moments
  • Make symmetry with family for best photos
  • Walk slowly and confidently, handling wedding accessories by yourself
  • Not to pose the same every time. Look around waving hands to your guests can give you memorable clicks.

List of ideas

We are going to share some ideas for memorable wedding photography. It will help your wedding photographer to click your unique wedding photos.

Add natural elements

Wedding photography is incomplete without the fairy touch, involving the sky, clouds, and flowers. The more the involvement of natural ingredients in your photos, the more you will look unique. Ask the bride to pose with flower girl while smiling. It will provide you with a candid photo.

Unusual angles

A professional photographer always focuses on unexpected angels. By capturing photos in these angels provide with the number of best clicks. Although there are rejected photos too. But some awesome clicks as a result of unusual angels are worth of it.

Touch of humor

As a photographer ask the bride and groom to pose with a bit of fun. Click them while running after each other. The bride holding the tie of groom or tickling on cheeks gives the unique and beautiful clicks. it is one of the best ideas for memorable wedding photography.

Make the couple forget that it’s their wedding day

It is the responsibility of the photographer to make the couple forget about the nervousness of the wedding. Although they are dressed in special dresses but ask them to pose like its not their wedding day. The more you will add a casual feel, the more they will pose cute.

Group Shots

After clicking some romantic photos of bride and groom, add family members and guests in photos. Bride and groom will start enjoying the presence of their friends and family. When they begin to experience, they will pose better. Shift your perspective while clicking photos. Try to capture when no one is looking towards the camera or click from above.

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Use the location 

Nowadays people prefer outdoor weddings, make the most of the site. Borne fire in winter with guests dressed informal wedding dresses, firecrackers on the sky. Utilize all the elements of the location correctly.

Good photos come when there is coordination between the photographer and the couple. So follow the rules and ideas which we suggested.