Latest trends for an awesome wedding

People have started taking wedding day seriously as compared to past weddings. My mum used to tell me how her wedding day was how her parents and siblings planned her wedding. About three decades ago, a wedding was a matter of 15 to 20 days. All cousins and friends stayed at the bride/groom house for pre-wedding functions.  All those small events and pre-wedding celebrations were love. But nowadays people have engaged themselves so much into their busy schedules. The gatherings and staying for a month have reduced to bridal shower/bachelor’s party wedding day and reception. The casual laughter’s and random planning’s for fun have transformed to perfect photoshoots and décor clicking. Well, it’s not like that the pleasure reduced at the wedding. The love, ceremonial readings, and flower décor are the same. The one thing changed, and that is all is pre-planned now. It’s a good thing, na! The wedding planners save time and sometimes cost too. In this article, we highlight the latest trends for an awesome wedding.

Benefits of a wedding planner

The latest trend for an awesome wedding is hiring a professional wedding planner. The only demerit of a wedding planner is sometimes he would stop you from doing the things which are related to the fun part. But that will be in your favor. He will only prevent you or your guests from doing something which affects the beauty of the wedding. He organizes the event with perfection and reminds you about your small things. There are numerous benefits to hiring a professional wedding planner. We will cut it down to some main pros such as no price increase, saving cost, pre-event pressure reduction, and flexibility. Wedding organizer is the person who helps you in suggesting what the latest trends for an awesome wedding are. Additionally, he also helps you in deciding what will suit you. Here is the list of the most recent wedding trends for the wedding:


The first thing which the bride/groom ask their wedding planner is the wedding theme. Having a theme wedding has become a trend nowadays. People are spending millions to arrange a theme wedding. Almost 40% of brides first choice is the theme wedding. Whether it’s vintage, modern, rustic, bohemian and whimsical, the wedding planner will suggest you adopt one of these. Moreover, they will help you in choosing the accessories and wedding dress matching the wedding theme.

Entertainment and conscious eating

In the past weddings, the couple was only limited to a specific place for seating. Nowadays trend of friendly food and going to every guest for greeting has become the trend. It’s a good thing, promoting pleasure and feeling of affection between guests and couple. Moreover, food served by waiters on the past was sometimes disturbing. Now guests and even the couple eat freely. Waiters are only for drinks and for help in case of some problem. Guests can easily follow their conscious eating plan.

Wedding décor

Besides flower décor, numerous things are added up in wedding décor nowadays. The hanging installations, circular arbors, letter cakes, and personalized signs make wedding day full of light and divinity. Moreover, moody hues add the bohemian influence on a wedding. Using greenery with lights and décor accessories add a touch of the natural element in the marriage. Additionally, neon lights and bold colors add beauty to the reception or after wedding parties.

Natural makeup

The massive and highlighting makeups are outdated now. Couples are preferring for elegant dresses and natural makeup for their wedding. It brings beauty in not only marriage but also the comfort for the couple. Even in the royal couple, Meghan Markel also set this trend of natural makeup. Brides are opting for classic, and natural beauty makeup looks only highlighting the lipstick.

Clicks with pets and childhood things

Here comes the cutest part of the latest trends for awesome weddings. Current professional photographers add the past photos of the couple or their pets in their wedding shoot. Couple with their most loved things pose more confidentially and smiling. Wedding is incomplete with pictures, so if you want for a friendly photoshoot without glamorous or tiring poses. MH photography is best in this regard. In Canada and for foreign wedding photographic shoots contact us

Sunday’s weddings

Couples are planning for their wedding at the weekend, including Sunday to spend more time friends and family. In the past marriage go on all week but ends on Saturday with a brunch. But now including Sunday for after wedding celebration party is in trend and the also most lovable event.

Moreover, the Gin cocktails, museum-worthy cake and out of the boxing venue are in trend and making the wedding celebrations unique.