Wedding tasks for family and friends

Is your wedding day a week later? And a lot of wedding tasks are pending. Family and friends are always there for you to help you. The auspicious wedding planning all relies on sincere friends and loving cousins. They love you all by heart and want to see you happy. Friends do everything to make this day memorable for you. Just share with them that what you want, and they will do everything to bring that for you. Whether is it to select a wedding shoe or to arrange a wedding photographer, they will always come up with the best ideas.

Our family and friends are willing wedding helpers. Besides enjoying our wedding, they have a sense of responsibility to take care of perfection. You can trust them in every matter. Here is the list of wedding tasks for friends and family that you can assign to them:


The first thing on which the bride and groom focus for the wedding day is their look. From the wedding dress to make-up and hairdo, we need someone to help us. Ask your friends to help you with this matter. Whether they have some beautiful professional background or not, but we are sure they will make you look gorgeous. For the wedding day, seek a professional beauty expert. But, for second-day celebration or flower girl hair do engage your family and friends.

Wedding transport

There is no one better to take you to church aisle rather than your friend. Going into your friend’s car will lower down the nervousness of the wedding day. Going to the wedding aisle, while talking to your friend and family about childhood memories will make you delight. Wedding is the beginning of new life, so the memories will encourage to take the next start confidentially.

Entertainment at the ceremony

If you are fun-loving and want some fun and entertainment at your wedding? Your friends and cousins can help you best in this regard. Their dancing and singing skills will make the moment memorable; adding a touch of relaxing. Groom and bride sometimes on their wedding day do not want to become the centre of attraction. Adding the singalong and dance party at your wedding would be the best thing contributing to a memorable wedding.

Guest photography

If you want some polaroid style photos of your guests at the wedding. Ask you, confident cousins and friends. We would not suggest you make them in charge of the overall photography of your wedding day. Wedding photography is one of the long-lasting, memorable days of your life. So, for your best and unique photos hire a professional wedding photographer. If you are seeking for professional and friendly wedding photographer MH photography are best in this regard. In Canada and for foreign wedding photographic shoots contact us

Flower Décor

Wedding is incomplete without flower decoration. It is also incomplete without the friend’s suggestion about wedding décor. Always ask them for decoration and to re-use flowers for the reception. Wedding’s every event comprised of flowers, and only a friend or cousin know how to utilize it. Friends and family are the only media to bring innocence, modesty, passion, purity, and love through flowers in a wedding.

Wedding dress and other accessories

Wedding day is all about the hustle and bustle of getting things ready such as the wedding dress and other accessories. Some guests at the wedding have come all the way long to attend the wedding. Assign their tasks to your friends to help them feel comfortable. The more the guests will be satisfied, the more the wedding day will become enjoyable.

Incorporating ceremony readings

If you want to bring a sense of wisdom, humor, and together-fulness to your wedding event, arrange ceremony readings. There is no one better in incorporating and handling ceremonial passages. What are the precise formal readings? Let your friends decide that. Just trust them, we are sure they will not disappoint you. Friends bring reverence, energy, and lightening mood at your wedding by choosing the perfect readings.


Do not be random while asking your friends for help. Be specific and make a spreadsheet so that you and your friends could keep a check and balance on the wedding tasks. Make some strategies for how to get your friends involved in your big day. Friends and family are a blessing, but at the wedding, they are no other than a miracle!